Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday Snippets

This weekend...... 
A bit of baking....
A bit of sewing....

and maybe a little more than a bit of watching .

Have a lovely week.

Joining in with Sunday Snippets  here..... 


  1. Ooo yummy, that baking looks absolutely delicious! My tummy is now rumbling xo

  2. stitching, baking, eating and watching. some of my favourite pastimes. enjoy

  3. Love the mod fabric on the quilt!
    The baking does look delicious, aren't the games great!!

  4. Now that baking definitely looks tasty Bron! and is that a lovely Jody special I see started there? Love that fabric! I really must get one of those patterns. I've been promising myself one for quite a while. x

  5. It looks like a delicious and very productive weekend, I love weekends like that. Ahh yes we have been doing a bit of Olympic watching here too:) Have a wonderful week. x


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