Monday, July 16, 2012

A hunting we will go....

Start of the second week of school holidays today......

I did some searching through my button stash for a project that needs finishing......

My seven year old wanted to create a treasure hunt for his sister and the extra two we had over for the day......
I took a photo of his "stuff" for hiding and printed it out while he hid the "booty"

 He then sent the girls off to search around the garden for the treasure according to the map....

Do you like to hunt for treasure?


  1. What a little sweetheart, to do that for his sisters and friends. I love your buttons, there is something charming about a huge pile of buttons.

    It was very nice to see you on my comment page this morning. I just got home from my morning walk and I'm taking a coffee break before cleaning house. Monday is the day I really give the house the major week cleaning. Pendleton was a great little town to visit, I'll have to stop again when I have more time. Ninety-five year old Elnor was amazing.
    Have a marvelous week. Connie :)

  2. What a clever idea. It's great when children use there imaginations to create games for themselves. I loved a treasure hunt when I was younger too. I hope they all had fun searching. Enjoy your Tuesday Bron. xx

  3. LOL he is so clever!

    Looking at your buttons reminded me of my gran!


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