Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Creative Space- 20 cent REinvention

On Monday I visited a new to me op shop that I have had on my "to stop in on " list for a while....... 
It was a refreshingly traditional op so much stuff and all clothes were $2!!!

Unless you filled a bag from the trolleys out the front and then you only paid $1!!!

So I picked up a couple of FULL PRICED items and then had a dig in the trolleys.....

Only came up with one item so took my goods to the counter.....

After only being charged 20 c for my trolley item I knew I had to make good on it once I hit home......

So I took my newly acquired striped round neck,three quarter sleeved knit and combined it with the trim off a cotton button through shirt from my stash.......... 

and now I have one very wearable cardi that I just love and took me less than an hour to do.....

Not a bad 20 cents spent I say!

Joining in with other crafty creative people here.


  1. Amazing Bron. So clever, so cheap and so lovely. I'm impressed.

  2. Wow, that looks amazing!
    Oh, and where do I find that op shop? xx

  3. Well done - your Cardy REinvent is where's this Op Shop?!

  4. Hey Bron, gotta love those op shops that haven't gone down the designer boutique road......

    Your makeover looks great. I think you deserve a gold sticky star or two for whipping it up in no time flat ...

    Claire :}

  5. My god woman! you are amazing!
    This looks great on you

  6. A fab REinvent Bron! It looks great on you. I like stripes but surprisingly don't actually have any in my 'wearing out' clothes! :)
    Sounds like a rare op shop, and I happily have a similar one quite near me too! yay! ♥

  7. was that op shop in Singleton? If it was that is where my MIL works - total bargains there I assure you!


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