Wednesday, August 29, 2012

September Sort it.....

September is almost here.....

Is that crazy or what??????

September is an exciting month ...I mean who doesn't like the start of Spring???

So what better way than to kick start with a Spring Clean....

Well it is a pretty busy month in our household so I thought even  better to take the

So here is my September Sort it list.....

!. Fraser's Clothes drawer
2.Pantry clean out
3.Declutter the toy shelves
4. Clean out the craft cupboard
5.Second drawer in the kitchen
6.Top of the fridge
7.Baskets on my craft shelves
8.Cupboards under the computer
9.Help Meg sort her room (ongoing)
10.Laundry Cupboard ( make own washing powder)( no washing powder making though)
11.Ironing pile never ending task
12.Bathroom cupboard
13.Memory boxes for kids
16.Sort own Wardrobe
17. sock and undies drawer
18.Jumper basket
19.Remove winter clothes
21. T-shirt basket
22. Move filing cabinet contents
23. Fridge surface
24. Op shop filings sorted
25.Games box
26. Kids Books
27.Xmas in a Shoebox materials
28.Wool Collection
29. Scrap Booking supplies
30. Fraser's top cupboard

Not sure I will follow any particular order but my goal is to get through the whole list by the end of the month.

Nothing like sticking it out there for all to see.!!!!!

Hey if you are inspired to get started to check out The Organised Housewife  for more motivation.


  1. Man..I need a good clear out of the spare room wardrobe..its full of old kids clothes/baby stuff.. I should have a garage sale! Happy Spring Cleaning! :)

  2. Wow Bron! Pretty long list, though if you do one a day you should get through it!! :)) But then maybe that was your thinking in the first place!?
    Actually that's really not a bad way to do it, is it? Or perhaps one every second day. mmmm...... Thanks for the idea! :~) x

  3. I LOVE!!! Spring cleaning! I have a unusual way of doing it though... I take one room a week and work on it. First I empty a room as if I were moving out of the house (Shades and all). Next I put things back in the room like I was just moving in but with the room so clean I find myself getting rid of clutter. Hard work? absolutely! Worth it? I love going into a sparkling room from top to bottom, inside and out. Very worth it and my Dr. loves the exercise it provides me. "Go Bron!"xx

  4. Great list! I can see some common points in all the lists I have read (and in mine). good luck with yours. Hope we can all come out the other side happier and sorted!

  5. I'm joining in too! Interested to hear about #29 scrapbooking supplies and if you have any good ideas for storage of it all!

  6. Great list! Lots to accomplish, but how great you'll feel when it is done. Nothing like going into the summer with a completely organized home.

  7. Good luck with your list Bron - Im doing this PLUS the Organised Housewife too :o


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