Saturday, August 4, 2012

Shoebox Love

Work commenced today on a project that I co-ordinate in my church each year.

We join with the Samaritans Purse organisation to fill shoe boxes overflowing with goodies for children in far flung countries at Christmas time.

Being the inventive type I favourite part of the project is rallying the troops to help pull together a few handmade components to go in the box... 

So today work began as we snipped almost eighty no sew scarves.......

....and sewed Velcro on fifty potential pencil cases......

With four more scheduled crafting bees to go we should be able to make the deadline and finish in total......

100 no sew scarves

100 pencil cases

100 drawstring bags

Easy peasy me thinks. 


  1. How Fun is that! You guys are so great. We do something similar in our church each year also. I love giving it makes you feel so happy inside

  2. You're all doing such a great job, I can imagine all those little faces beaming with delight when they receiver these gifts!


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