Thursday, April 10, 2014

Easter Treats

With Easter nearly upon us and the end of the school term arriving I needed to make some little gifts for my playgroup helpers . They do such a great job every a little thank you gift was in order.

I made little bunnies using this pattern   , caught me some little bunny tails and packed them all up with a little bit of chocolate and chocolate drinking mix.

We even made one up for Fraser's teacher too.

Joining in with Show and Tell


  1. Gorgeous little bunnies ... I'm sure they'll love them

  2. So cute !!!! I've forwarded link to my lil Miss teacher for the kids to make

  3. Oh so adorable! They will be loved and totally appreciated no doubt xx

  4. Those are so adorable!!!!! What a great idea, I love the fabric too. Very creative xx

  5. I bet they loved their thank you gifts Bron. It's so nice to be thought of and appreciated. xxx


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