Saturday, April 26, 2014

Things I am Loving

Wow what a funny holidays, Easter holidays and then another long weekend for Anzac Day...hard to keep up with what day of the week it is.....

So here is my loves for the week ....

Road tripping with these exploring uncharted ground...{well to us anyways}

Baking Anzac biscuits for the road trip and well because that's what you do in the days leading up to Anzac Day!

Then gifted some for a friend to go with the dinner I cooked for them....I used this cute printable on the packaging....

Go and check out this very heart touching story that Jo shares of a real Anzac. 

I took Fraser to see the Lego Movie......I was a little concerned at the start that I had just paid for a 100 minute product placement add....but it really was a great movie and the messages were good the twist at the end.

Loving that it inspired some Lego creating when we got home.....

and we could all do with a little reminder from Kid President.....

joining in with Meghan


  1. I love seeing such happy photos of your gang:) We love exploring here too. I know what you mean about wondering what day it is, with all of the holidays it's hard to keep track but nice though. Love the look of your yummy Anzac biscuits:) Enjoy the rest of your weekend. xxx

  2. I've been wondering what day it is too. The holidays have flown for me, have they for you? Hope you got lots of rest this week and it looks like you all made some lovely memories together. Enjoy the weekend Bron xx

  3. Those Anzac biscuits really look very yummy! Is that Oats I see inside? I love oats! I purchased a Marga oat groat roller to make my own oats and boy oh boy what a difference in taste! I love my roller and the fresh oats it makes with all the nutrients intact and it's heart healthy too lol xxx

  4. Thank you for the mention Bron ... that letter shows us the very personal side of war doesn't it.

  5. We loved the LEGO movie too - everything is AWESOME! Yes wasn't it weird but great having two short weeks in a row - (well we actually had 3 as we went away on holiday the week before Easter too!). It's going to seem like a much longer week this week :-)

  6. Oh I am glad I read this. We couldn't take BJ to see the Lego movie, some friends ended up doing it. So I like your review. Thanks.


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