Friday, April 11, 2014

Thursday Thankful List {on Friday}

* Extra cash to splurge

* Soccer pre season social mornings

* A flood of ideas on the WWW

* Easter treats made and packed

* A new Vegetable garden full of Winter seedlings

* Time with my sister on a shared passion.

* That my bike riding husband had that particular day off.

* Caring mates who called to check

* 9 year old boys who like their hair cut a certain way.

* Bargains on bargains at the op shop

* The excitement and anticipation of the annual Easter egg hunt.

* Two weeks school holidays just on the doorstep.

* A brave little guy after a couple of "stacks" this week.

* People in my life who are great at organising.

#456 Celebrating a nephew who turns 17 ( how can that be already)

My other lists are here


  1. Love your lists Bron. Have a wonderful weekend x

  2. Extra money to spend sounds like fun:) I always enjoy reading your lists. Sounds like a beautiful week Bron. xxx


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