Thursday, April 3, 2014

Thursday Thankful List

* Good soaking rains.

* Busy Bees, where many hands make light work.

* Giving away an abundance of eggs.

* Family afternoon teas to celebrate birthdays.

* Climbing into bed after a long day.

* Cloudy , dark, still quiet Mondays.

* Text messages from friends to check up.

* Slipper wearing weather.

* Warm Banana bread straight from the oven and a peppermint tea.

* Snakes in beds for April Fools.

* A non cook dinner - AKA take away.

* Book recommendations that can be found at the library.

* A handwritten thank you note received in the mail. 

#441 One more week till school holidays.

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  1. I enjoy reading your lists each week Bron:) Good soaking rain, slipper weather, dark mornings and notes from friends all sound like wonderful gratefuls this week. May your Friday be a wonderful one. I am so looking forward to Friday, last day and then holidays ahhh. xxxx

  2. Aaahhh ... slippers ... I'm looking forward to welcoming them back.

  3. Love that you're getting some rain, and finding books in a library! That photo is great too xx


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