Friday, April 11, 2014

Ten On Ten - April Edition

1. Start the day right...head right everything else will fall in to place

2.End of Term...last day of playgroups.....Easter bunny masks to be made.

3. The highlight ...getting ready for the annual playgroup Easter egg Hunt.

4.Counting out 5 little eggs

5. Hunting with friends

6. Enjoying just 1 of the spoils.

7. No chocolate to be found here.

8. Friendly lot they are.

9.Won't be long before the Mulberry has no leaves on it.

10. A new haircut...choosing his own style these days.

Joining in with Rebekah for ten photos over ten hours on the tenth of the month

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  1. Oh I remember when my boys went through the stage of wanting things and patterns cut into their hair. It didn't last too long … which I think their hairdresser was very grateful for … especially when they started asking for lightning bolts and the like ;0)

  2. Yes, great way to start the day! Fun Easter egg hunt & liking your boy's style.

  3. Love the chickens! I'd love to have some one day. I bet real eggs are fun to hunt. :)

  4. Egg hunts are so much fun and easter crafting too. xxx


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