Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Around Here

Just popping in to say hello.......

It has been a bit crazy around here......not much margin in any of our lives......school holidays are nearly here....

While I was working at the polling place all day Saturday, "my boys" were finishing off our latest veggie garden...we turned some of our grassed area around our Lemonade and Orange tree into a plot for vegetables.

Lots of winter types that hopefully will grace our plates over the coming months.

How is life for you....ready for the cooler months? Already on school holidays? Plenty of margin in your day to day living?Done any Winter gardening?


  1. Oh my goodness I would love some cool weather here lol but summer is a coming lol. I am hoping to have a summer garden this year but I have not done any work yet towards that end. I found a really neat planter idea and that was to take four paving stones and glue them into a square and then put dirt and plants inside! I may try this as my back yard is filled with dead pan dirt and nothing grows there other than goat heads... And they hurt when stepped on lol

  2. That looks great! Love it when stuff gets done when you're out Bron! xx


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