Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Kid Crafting in the holidays...

 My kids have been a little more crafty than myself these holidays......

I encouraged my boy to jump on the rainbow loom bandwagon...a little late and not very high tech.....but it has really captured his imagination and certainly taken him away from the screens ....worth while in my books for that alone......

My girl has busied herself with some more screen printing.....creating some one off shirts for herself and another couple for friend's birthday presents....  

My creativity has been concentrated on some serious de-cluttering of our house and more seriously my craft room.....the bins are full, the op shops have gained a whole lot of new stock, I even had some luck on Gumtree and I am starting to feel better about the space......

Joining in with Show and Tell


  1. Love these photos I need to get my boys crafting next hols, this one has been packed

  2. Excellent holiday activities! Love the screen prints x

  3. Love those tees! It's awesome to see kids crafting :)

  4. What a talented girl you have! I wish I could the same about me at that age

  5. Yay fir great kids crafting! Love the bracelets and your girl and her prints are fantastic!!


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