Sunday, November 2, 2014

Thursday Thankful List

Maybe this just needs to be called a Thankful List...I am not making the Thursday deadline   ...

* The last wave before my boy disapears on his bike to school

* Cheap bottles of wine

* Tutu wearing teens

* Spare house keys for when mama is running late

* Still balmy nights

* Friends from the street to frog hunt with 

* Sisters with extra large storage space to borrow

* Lazy morning starts

* Passed studied for tests

* Searches on the web for a new pet

* Seeing a brother win over his sister in their choice of pet

* The banding together against parents over the pet "getting"

* Fully cooked breakfasts served right at our kitchen table by the man of the house

* Another month closer to paying off the "braces"

* Tax done! 

* The smell of gardenias

* Birthday morning tea with my two favourite sisters.

* Days off with my husband

#835 Sleep overs with cousins

My other lists are here......join in if you want.......


  1. Hahaha... What pet won out? I am curious... I love getting together with my sisters too much fun is always had xxx

  2. Looking forward to the pet news .. provided he managed to win over Mum and Dad too :0)

  3. What a great list... yes, waiting for a pet pic!
    Oh, braces bill... can't imagine but nearly there! Yay!
    Hope your tax covers it!

  4. I'm not making the Thursday deadline either if it's any consolation! Love your list this week, looking forward to hearing all about the new pet! Hope you're all well xx

  5. So many great things to be grateful for on your list Bron:) Birthday morning teas with sisters sounds lovely; hubby's that cook breakfast bliss and paying off braces yeah!!! I look forward to hearing some pet news soon. xxxx


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