Monday, November 24, 2014

Thankful List

* Monday morning phone calls to the doctors and scoring an 8.30am same day appointment

* Last week's sickness only affecting one of us and for a very short run

* Knowing that putting our girl on the train for a big day was Ok

* Turning up to an audition and having a buddy there too.

* Texts from friends encouraging our girl

* The wonder and ease of Skype

* Using skype to connect with a blogging friend for our first chat

* Missing shopping day and having enough food to keep eating for days

* Early school leavers available to volunteer

* A reliable car to carry out the huge taxi demands

* A pool party that provided lots of fun even if it was on the chilly side

* Seeing the fun our boy has with hanging out with mates

* Seeing the improvement of a friend who has been struggling

* A simple lunch with my sweetheart

* Early Christmas / thankyou gifts from little people

* Mobile phones and "text mum free" plans

* The priceless face of my 4 year old niece as she shows us her hermit crab costume for ballet

* Cup of tea chats with my dad
#872 Loving that our girl and her dad share the same taste in music and the excitement over some concert tickets

My other lists are here.....I am counting my way to 1000 thankful / grateful happenings in  my world and that cross my path daily.

Both Eva and Kell are joining me....go and say hello and maybe you want to join us.



  1. Thanks for the shout out Bron! I am so happy when I get the opportunity to record all the wonderful things in the small note book I keep handy. This small little book will be something that I will treasure for years to come and hopefully my children as well. I very much agree that Skype is a great thing... I met the most wonderful person this past weekend! xxxx

  2. What a great list! The first one is a beauty! How did you manage that I'll never know!
    A text mum free thing is cool! yay for phone companies that provide such a thing.

  3. I love those same day appointments when you can get them, what a blessing for you, hope everyone's feeling better. How brave is your girl auditioning? I could never do that! Sending you lots of love xx


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