Wednesday, November 5, 2014


 You know those mornings when everyone is moving at a good pace....all on target for getting out of the house on time....then one chore was remembered right at the time we should have been going out of the door....

Has anyone checked the chickens and bought in the eggs???

The three chickens we have are quite feisty....excitable and a bit pushy.....

The had their escape plan all mapped out ...just waiting for the right moment when one would give the signal.......

 Fraser was the recipient of a plan almost perfectly of the three made the leap.....leaving the other two most unhappy that they remained on the inside...

Now all our margin was gone.....running around the yard trying to capture said escapee....finally a call to the head of our house to check it would be OK to leave her roam free for the day because ...well frankly ...I didn't want to waste anymore time.....

So she spent the day I am sure at the base of the coop wanting in and her companions wishing they were out.....

We all returned home to find her still there.....that was until the master chook wrangler worked his magic and we were able to reunite them all.

Arrggg I think the eggs will now be collected at the end of the day in future.


  1. hahahaa... it always happens when you are running late!

  2. Oh dear chookie.... they can be tricking to get rounded up not great when you're in a hurry. xxx

  3. I'm with Mandy … things like that ALWAYS happen at the most inopportune time … though to be fair I guess there's no such thing as an opportune time for chicken jail breaks ;0)

  4. Hahaha clever chook! Such a funny story!

  5. LOL... So funny, although not convenient but still funny. You could write a children's book about the chooks adventures of the day lol


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