Friday, November 14, 2014

The Dirt Dilemma

I have a dilemma in my home.....

Due to the age gap of 6 years between our two children it means they are worlds apart in their "play needs"......

So our 9 year old son loves his gadgets....easy cause he can play solo...right?

Well knowing what I know about children I know that this is not good for his well rounded being to spend so much time indoors, so I take opportunities...most times get him out and about.

So last weekend he had his 9 year old cousin stay for the night...he too likes gadgets and playing technology games....I let them play for a while then I hassled them outside to enjoy our garden and the blue skies of the outdoors.....

I was feeling quite proud of myself as I encouraged them to have some creative ,hands dirty pursuits........ 


I know......they gain so much from being outside and interacting with each other and nature......

but is so much easier to have them on a gadget and far less taxing on me!!!!

{I need you to know I am not really a clean freak and would take dirty floors over a kid in front of the TV any day}


  1. Dirt and sunshine are the best things for little ones lol... And gadgets are the playground for future inventors... Best of both worlds, they are lucky to have you giving them direction to enjoy it all xxx

  2. Lol. I kicked my kids out of doors (middle child with her sleepover friend) and found them on a phone on the trampoline. I had suggested READING on the trampoline! They're also 9!!

  3. I understand totally ... kids outside are a joy ... but when MUM wants quiet time ... then you can't underestimate the value of the gadget!

  4. yes, unfortunately the result of dirty play means more washing & cleaning for us. But it's so worth it!

  5. Haha I have a couple who trample dirt everywhere, and another who takes her books with her outside to read... It is lovely having them outside though :)

  6. Ha! Love it. How beautiful is that gum tree in your backyard though Bron? I'd spend all my time outside under that xx


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