Monday, November 10, 2014

Thankful List

* A warm tasty dinner waiting for me when I get home late

* The tears shed with a friend

* The opportunity to pray with that friend in her need

* The stamina of a teenage daughter

* Awesome results from studying hard

* The arrival in bed of two extra during an early morning thunderstorm

* Listening to the conversations of technically savvy tweens

* Impromptu sleepovers and play mornings

* On time finishing ballet classes

* The most yellow of roses in our garden

* The spectacle of birds taking a bath in the the running water of our pond

* The birds singing in the early morning despite the rolling thunder

* The coming together of end of year celebration planning

* Tax returns hitting the bank

* Laughter even in the most solemn of situations

*Sharing a special book with a friend

* The once a fortnight day spent alone with my husband

* The fun of trading on gumtree

#854 The helpfulness of the GPS to guide me to a new place.

My other lists are here...why not start your own...let me know if you do.

1 comment:

  1. This month is a great month to start a thankful list! I have been thinking about doing it any way so... I think I will!!! Have a great week. Love your list xx


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