Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Ten On Ten- Novemeber

Our Day...

* The birds are loving their own personal bath in our waterfall

* We were woken early by thunderstorms and dark gloomy sky, a shock after the 37.7 C day yesterday

*The change in weather meant the clothes were back under cover.

*The pumpkin that has sneakily grown is loving the weather.

* Some roses came inside to brighten those who spied them

* And some were just to beautiful to bring inside

* November is proving to be a busy one for our teen

* It was a day off for me and the mister so after our coffee date I did find time to indulge in some reading

* Some preparation for the week's playgroup was needed...Christmas crafting!!

* Basketball is the new outside obsession in our house with the little guy. 

Monday's with my mister are the best......

Joining in with Rebekah's Ten on Ten.


  1. I'm always torn with our roses … whether to bring them inside and enjoy them … or leave them on the bush where they look so happy … dilemmas!!

  2. Great bunch of pictures! Action packed days for now as Christmas comes to your playgroup I expect!


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