Saturday, July 4, 2009

Gadgets and Good Food

Meg had very kindly organised for her and Fraser to sleep over at Grandma and Grandads tonight so we could go out for our belated anniversary dinner. So in fact we dropped them of at lunch time and headed (at Derek's decision) to the Ikea super store which we had yet to visit.
Super store indeed half the population of Perth must have been there and amazingly enough the store was almost able to cope with so many people...that is until you get to the checkouts. That is why you just have to purchase a few token things to make it all worthwhile tackling the queue.

We did come home with a list of measurements and ideas of things that we would love to add to our already overflowing home.

It was then off to dinner...we wanted to try somewhere different so we headed to the Little Creatures Brewery. It was a fun place to grab a light dinner. We finished off with waffles in Fremantle then headed home.
Tonight is the start of Tour Fever in our house that will dominate then next three weeks TV watching.
And all is quiet in the house!

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