Saturday, July 11, 2009

Junior Masterchef

Meg has been showing a keener interest in cooking over the last little while. During the week at their stay with grandparents she made soup , of which I hear was very tasty. So tonight we just made some simple Pasties in which she could manage without too much help.

She did a great job!
Fraser has been wanting a camp out with Meg for ages so tonight we set up a bed on the floor and they pretended they were camping.....
Surprisingly they didn't take all that long to fall fast asleep.
I on the other hand have been busy trying to make some headway into "stuff". As Derek mumbled last night that my "creative space" was spreading far and wide. I took a photo of the before and although I am feeling much better about the space an after photo probably wouldn't do it any justice so you will have to take my word for it.
We have a bit of restlessness about our general house space and what is not quite working so well.....lots of bits. Tomorrow I am going to try and convince Derek to help me move some furniture around, because we all know that that will make a whole lot of difference!

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