Monday, July 13, 2009

What to do?

I did tackle moving some furniture the other day in the hopes of re -purposing some of the spaces in our home. So I started with swapping one of the bookcases with the dresser full of china and glass ware.
I am pleased with this move as I now have a bit of space to store some of my material , in the dresser and found another home for the china.
The funny thing is that just moving the bookcase stirred a huge interest in the books, with the kids finding books that they haven't had down or seen for a while.

But my dilema now is what to do with all these food magazines and the huge stash of cycling and guitar magazines that have been collected over the many years?

I have decided to go through the food mags and pull out the recipes that I will use from here on in.
The other mags are a little more difficult, Derek has given the OK for them to go but where? No secondhand bookshop will take them....ebay? or maybe it will have to be the recycle bin! Well it's not like they haven't been read all over front to back and some more.

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