Monday, July 27, 2009

Life after the Tour

Today we hit recovery mode after three weeks of Tour de France watching...for those unfamiliar with this event that happens each year at the same time it is the world famous cycling event that sees cyclists weave their way through France for three weeks. For those of us that hang in for the duration we now find ourselves very sleep deprived and in need of some serious early nights. ( the telecast of the race is the late hour of the night).
Today being Derek's day off we also decided to head out and get some quotes on a new front door and then to order some essential down pipes for our house that doesn't cope with the large down pours we have been getting.
I think we have both realised that we could never do a new build or a full renovation on a home ...we seriously lack any real direction and decision making but we will certainly endeavour to give it a small go and work away at the long list of jobs needing doing around home sweet home.
I have just completed the shopping order and preparation for playgroup tomorrow so now for that early night!!!

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