Monday, July 13, 2009

A Kinda Typical Monday

Monday is one of the only days in the week that I don't have any fixed place to be, and usually after the weekend we have one house that has a tornado go through it. The task was going to be a little more prolonged today due to moving obstacles around the house. Meg had a friend over for a play date and then there was these two...

There was also cups of tea to be has in the sunshine and lunches to prepare and then finally sometime into the afternoon the basics were covered. Note : the basics only. Oh well there is always next Monday.

We also have this little guy over for an official sleepover not just to be babysat by Aunty... Hoping they stay in bed quietly in the morning Ha!!!! I here my sister say!

Meg is staying at Aunty's tonight for her sleepover.

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