Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Two Characters

This week is Book Week at school for Meg and today was the chance to dress up as your favorite book character.
Nancy Drew was the choice this year. Meg had to pull her costume together mostly by herself this year, mainly due to the fact that she had such a definite idea of what she wanted. I was only good for a few suggestions and a trip to Grandpa's for a magnifying glass...oh and the hair straightening!
Good job Meg.
I found this little character sitting by the "soon to be old front door" waiting for his daddy to come home and chop down some more trees...a job they started yesterday and Fraser was determined to finish the task with daddy today.
Definite and determined two words to describe my two characters today and the third character would be leading the way if she was able to join them.

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  1. Meg's costume looks fantastic, and I thoroughly approve of her choice - being a Nancy Drew fan from way back!


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