Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What I am Up to...

Making : A stash of Bron Creations
Cooking : Pizzas for dinner
Drinking : Tea from a teapot
Reading: Change of Heart by Jodi Piccoult
Wanting: My house to be fantastically clean
Looking: For a GPS to go Geocaching
Playing: WII with the family
Wasting: Time thinking what could be.
Sewing: Loads for the fair
Wishing: I didn't need as much sleep
Enjoying: My job
Waiting: For my tax return
Liking: That the kid's enjoy spending time with Grandparents
Wondering: How to keep pace with my schedule
Loving: My Sewing Time
Hoping: To have some down time tomorrow
Marvelling: How fast my children are growing up
Needing: To buy Meg some new shoes
Smelling: The new roses in the garden
Wearing: My slippers whenever I can
Following: This amazing journey..
Noticing: How fast the year is flying
Knowing: I am loved
Thinking: About all the things on my to do list
Feeling: Blessed
Giggling: That my family are so alike each other
Feeling: Relieved I have done my online shopping for the week.

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