Saturday, April 10, 2010


The purple or the pink?
We had an invitation to a 50th birthday for last night and had the dilemma at what was to wear....not ones to go out anywhere semi formal very often my wardrobe was looking very under-suitable. So a mad dash to my favourite and always good for a quick rescue dress store, I found a choice of two tops both on the heavily reduced rack (even better of a rescue job)
Then to decide which to wear...I went with the purple although my first choice would have been black but that wasn't in the final equation.

My next dilemma flat or heels...I so don't do heels at all very well so I decided I would arrive in heels and then quietly change into my flats. But I did surprise myself and managed to stay in my heels all evening and successfully dance with my handsome husband on a very slippery floor!
As for the pink top we managed to have another free night to dine on our own thanks to very generous grandparents and so I had my opportunity to wear my other pleasing bargain!

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