Thursday, April 8, 2010

Snippet of time

A full day at work today, half of that spent in the city on a mission to restock the bookshop, from there making sure Meg was at an extra dance class on time...Her regular dance teacher was back in town for the holidays-she is currently in Melbourne at Jason Coleman's School of Dance. So it was a real treat for Meg to have this lesson.
It also gave me a small snippet of time to sit in the quiet and read a book I am enjoying at the moment....
It is actually a series that belongs to Meg and I thought I would read a little to see what it was that she was reading...turns out it is quite good and certainly appeals to my treasure hunting bent....
Meg hasn't actually had a chance to read book two because she needs to wait for me to finish it first!
So one more snippet of quiet time and I should be able to pass it on to her!

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