Friday, April 23, 2010


While my car was at the garage today I got to spend some time with my sister and her littlest guy.(he is the only one of our 6 not at school now). We don't get to spend much time together where we just enjoy each others company, it is usually between dropping off kids or at a activity that is common to both of us. So today we dragged out the sewing machines and worked on some small projects together....

The question was asked today whether we thought little people get bored all by them selves.....this little guy didn't stop chattering either to us or off by himself....I don't think he was bored ,I thought he probably enjoyed the chance to be in his own company.
All that chattering and busy work finally caught up with him though...

So we used the opportunity for me to teach Merran some crocheting......the verdict by my sister was "I think I will knit that dishcloth and leave the crocheting for another day"
This was a lovely way to spend the day before the busyness of Friday afternoon / evenings set in.

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