Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Birthday Bag

There has been a lot of birthday talk around these parts lately...and tomorrow couldn't come quick enough for the littlest guy in the house....
But rather than show you his presents, which he doesn't have yet and he soooo wishes he did.....
I will show you the gift I have made for a little girl in his class that shares his birthday...

I like to have a "go to gift" for friends throughout the year.....but as the year ticks over to a new one I need to find a new "go to gift" for this year's pressie....I am thinking little bags for all the girls parties we go to...need to think on the boys gift before we head off to the next one.


  1. I love your idea of a 'go to gift' for the little ones in your children's classes. I know as the year goes on we will get lots of party invitations so I will have whip up a few 'go to gifts' for the lovely little ones in Michael's class

  2. He he, my go-to-gift is a coin purse, or along those lines - cosmetic/ pencil case. I can whip them up half asleep on a Friday night (you know when you check the fridge for party invitations & panic). A red bag, brilliant, love Posie


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