Monday, March 14, 2011

Water fun

I mainly stick to the  topic of  family and my crafty interests here on my blog....but in my role as a Children's Pastor at my church - 3 days a week, I have many fun hours working with and organising programmes for children between the ages of birth and 12 years old.
Two mornings a week I co-ordinate two playgroups in which mums and their little ones come and play together.
So I am always looking for ideas and inspiration to add to my programmes. One such idea I came across and finally got around to putting together is a water wall (or as Fraser would have it a marble run)
I found this blog a great inspiration for all things relating to play and gave me some great start  points for my project
So here is my recycled water wall ....


  1. that is a great idea, cant wait to see it in action at playgroup tomorrow..

  2. My Kids would love that! And I LOVE putting the recycling to use. :)

  3. This idea is fantastic and definitely something my little men would LOVE!!


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