Monday, March 21, 2011

Latest Read

I am taking a break from my favourite author to read a series of books that I first introduced my 12 year old to.
I bought her Book One thinking she would really enjoy the read....I also thought I should read it myself , just to make sure I wasn't steering her in the wrong direction....
Hey I loved it! Being a Nancy Drew, Trixie Belden, Hardy Boys, Famous Five and Secret Seven reader as  a kid, these were taking me back to being 12 again.

I can't justify purchasing all the series as Meg is not as into them as I am, sooooo it is off to the local library.
Did you know that you can peruse your library catalogue online and order the books you want to be delivered to the closest library?  We can and I am making the most of this service  with these books and many others that I have on my list to read.....
Note: For all those Jodi Picoult fans out there I see  her latest book being advertised in the "junk mail" that arrived in my letterbox...I am off to source that ASAP.


  1. Thanks for that will have to check it out-sounds fun.I like young adult fiction.I was talking to someone today who stayed at our holiday home in the weekend and she had a ball rereading all those books you just mentioned.I had them stacked on a shelf in the back bedroom.She said she is writing one similar.Look out for Rachael King previously an Adult fiction writer and is presently writing for kids.

  2. Yeh my girls didn't like 39 clues much either. We are expecting Sing You HOme to be in the shop any day now :)

  3. My son just asked me for that book, 39. Funny eh?


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