Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I wonder....

This is another birthday we should have been celebrating.....

I have spent a lot of time wondering what would life be like with a fifteen year old in the house...
Would there be boy talk?
Would there be a gaggle of other like minded teens in the house?
Would there be questions that only a mum could  answer?
Would dad be the coolest dad to all the friends? 
Would you love having your little six year old brother harassing you?
Would you share secrets with your sister?

I guess I am only left wondering as we celebrate another birthday without.

 I instead hold tight to the memories that we have and freely let my emotions go.

Here's to our big girl and to what turning fifteen would be like?


  1. thinking of you.


  2. I woke up thinking of you this morning Bron :)
    Big hugs

  3. Oh my gosh...Feeling for you today ((hugs)), 15 years huh? wow, that is a big grown up girl!!.

    Lots of love from this Bassett Bunch to yours xxxx

  4. Thinking of you all today Bron..


  5. 15 hey? Tayla is nearly 14 so those things are happening in our home. Jackie and Graeme celebrated Ella's 3rd birthday on the 8th. Did I tell you she is pregnant? Due in May :) All is really good.
    Taylor and Ella will always be remembered and celebrated

  6. Hi family, I often think of Taylor when we are together and wonder how beautiful her and Meg would have been together now and how she would dote on her little brother just as Meg does. Thinking of you, not just on Taylor's birthday but whenever I think of her, I think what a fabulous, strong family you are. We both do. Love Mel x

  7. I always think about your Taylor when I come visiting here. I love looking at her picture and having a little wonder myself. X


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