Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Be generous.....

 This skirt arrived in the mail yesterday from the lovely Kylie....
It is so cute ...made from her vintage stash and it has a doily pocket which has won me over. 
Thanks heaps Kylie xx

I signed up to her "Pay it Forward"

I did one of these at the beginning of last year and thought it time I got my generous socks on and joined in again.

So if you are wanting to join in with this round of "Pay it Forward" all you need to do is be  one of the first four to sign up  below....
I will then send you something handmade and in return you send something handmade on to others.

The gifts need to be sent before the end of the year. Easy? Great jump on board and I will get my thinking cap on for something nice for you.

Ps The bunnies were a hopping success....and oh so cute!


  1. I still haven't made my other PIF's but why not. Who can resist something made by you ;)

  2. I am already in with Kylie but wanted to say I love that skirt, the fabric is gorgeous and the doily pocket, well it's so charming.

  3. I'm in! I've been hopeless at sewing recently but hopefully this will give me a great kick up the you know what to get back into it! Love that skirt! Adorable!!


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