Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I went to Spotlight!

 I received the tip off from my very kind sister this morning,,,,,
(she was looking after the kids today while I went to work)

....that Spotlight were having 40% off today........

So I went on my way home from work .....and as I assured my hubbie when he spied my purchases in the boot.......the load wasn't for me.

I decided to take the opportunity to make purchases for my church's  Christmas in A Shoebox project in a few months time

20 metres of polar fleece + 40% off =  100 no sew scarves at a bargain.

Do you frequent Spotlight?

Did you grab a bargain?

Did you spend way to much?


  1. I got some polar fleece for the back of a quilt from the sale, and have quite a bit left that is not usable for my purposes, so would love to make up some no sew scarves for you! Can you please send me the dimensions? I was so pleased with the price only $3 a meter! what a bargain!

  2. 40% off? Now that's a bargain. I tend to only go to Spotlight when there is a need and yes I do have a tendency to over spend :)

  3. I couldn't resist 40% off! I didn't have a lot of time so didn't come away with much but that's probably a good thing.


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