Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Creative Space

 One of Meg's friends gave me a favourite skirt a couple of weeks back and asked whether I could make a bag for her......eeek I hate am nervous the pressure of such a request....

I looked at it for a few days, then with the deadline of it being her 12th birthday I just jumped in....

I really loved the waistband detail so knew I wanted to keep that......

 Once I made the first cut I was off.......

......and because I could and they are my birthday go to gifts at the moment I made 
Miss Caitlin to pop inside...... 
whether you are seven or twelve these little Miss's seem to be a winner......

so also needed this week was 

Miss Ellie  ...

My creative space lately has been filled with gift making.....

If only my 15 year old nephew was into Black apple dolls!!

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  1. LOVELY!! Im sure Megs friend will be VERY pleased :)

  2. It's always a good thing to stretch yourself creatively and you have done a wonderful job of that bag. I love the dolls too :)

  3. Oh man... I wish you were my best friends mum!!! :) hahaha.. ;)

    You are so awesome with your crafty goodness! That bag rocks...and those dolls are just drop-dead gorgeous!

    Well done you!

  4. I love your dolls they are so cute! You are so talented at sewing, I think you did a great job at the bag! Wonderfully done

  5. Hey Bron, great job with the bag and Miss Caitlin too.

    I know what you mean about the pressure of requests.........but all came good in the end.

    You are a dab hand at making these cute little dolls, I can imagine they would be very popular too.........

    Claire :}

  6. You are so clever. The dolls are just divine!

  7. Oh, too cute and what a surprise to find the sweet little matching doll to go with her bag :)

  8. Lovely, lovely dolls! I'm sure any little girl would be happy to receive one of those! And the bag is great too.


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