Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Creative Space

These little bunnies were created to say thanks......

and Happy Easter to my hard working team......

 They are filled with Lavender and I am sure have hopped their way into spaces that are now filled with that all familiar scent.......

I found the inspiration here.......
I think I will make some for myself and tuck them in my drawers.

Check out some other creative people here

Don't forget to check out my offer of something handmade from me to you here.

P.s My week has been filled with Easter Egg hunts.....3 down and 2 to go ...WooHoo

These were the Easter baskets we made for our playgroups egg hunts.
Pattern found here


  1. the rabbit lavendars are so cute! Awesome work Bron.

  2. Your smelly bunnies are very cute Bron. happy eater to you and your family x

    p.s. I will link to your c.i.f.

  3. They are so cute! And such a lovely gift idea :) You should definitely treat yourself to some as well xx

  4. Your lavender bunnies are super sweet Bron.

  5. Lovely Lavender! What a sweet scent for Easter xox

  6. I love how you put some little faces on your bunnies. I made some of those too last year, they are such a lovely idea instead of chocolates all the time which are yummy of course but not too much:) x

  7. Hi bron! The bunnies are cute as, i especially love the polka dot one. Happy easter x


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