Sunday, April 8, 2012

All Bunnies Found...

 These were the last bunnies to be caught today.........

A weekend full of chocolate, family, celebrating, and remembering the 
the "real" meaning of Easter for us as a family  .

Now to figure out where to stash all that chocolate that has found it's way into the house!

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  1. perhaps those snuggly bunnies need to be separated or you may end up with many more to stash! happy easter

  2. Sounds like a lovely Easter. I was away this Easter and I was appalled at the amount of people I encountered including around the very table where I ate, insisting Easter was about the chocolate and "besides it was a pagan festival anyway", but maybe that is in the true spirit of Easter : the believers resting in their knowledge and the non-believers not really knowing what they safe saying! Glad you could celebrate the real meaning with chocolate!


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