Wednesday, April 18, 2012

EEEK ...My reality today...

 This is what greeted me this morning.......
My reality today....... Yep,  no dishwasher in this household.......

Am I the only one that wakes up to this some days??????

Last night I gave into "The Block and The Voice" and also to a bee stung foot that needed getting off........

I am not the only one who does the dishes in this house but I am the driver most nights......
Although school holidays are here...there is still the part of me that works part time out of the house and so some days there just isn't enough hours or energy.......

Lucky there is none one that lives in this household with OC tendencies......

or maybe that is what we are lacking in this household to stay on track!!!

I just need to remember to keep smiling



  1. Oh no sorry to hear about your foot I hope that it gets better soon!

  2. Oh ((hugs)).. I remember my days prior to having a dishwasher... arrgh I don't know how I'd cope these days (would just have the kids doing them I think! lol).
    Hope your poor foot is feeling better today.

  3. This is my reality too some days no matter how much we insist they be done after dinner.

  4. I admire the fact you can leave it till morning my OCD would never let me!

  5. No you are not the only one! But like it is going to ruin my family's perception of me!


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