Thursday, April 26, 2012

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 These little guys are popping up all over the house this week.........

{two of these I knitted , the other I sewed using a felted wool jumper}

 You see I am responsible for co ordinating a project each year that sees shoe boxes full of goodies head overseas to children for Christmas time.....
You can read more about the project here and some of the things we have put together in our boxes

This year for the "something to cuddle "item I would love to include one of these guys in each box.......
So I was wondering if you would like to help me......

I have a few real life friends that are on board but if you can knit then maybe you would like to help me get to the 100 I need? At the rate I knit I have no hope of getting there by myself.

These guys are straight line knitting ( if I can do it, anyone can)

They can be any colour,  plain yarn , fancy yarn  what ever you have ...they don't use up very much so great stash buster.....  

 Anyway if you would love to help out....maybe even just one little guy......or maybe you are super fast on the needles and could do a little more than one.....

Drop me an email and I will let you know where you can send them.

I have until August 31st to pack them .

I know cheeky ask but you never know unless you do ask!

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  1. Oh they are terrific! I will help out & see what I can manage!

  2. Can I sew some? I cant knit, can only just crochet, but I can sew, and have quite a bit of fabric lying around!

  3. Can I sew some for you? I cant knit, but I can whip up a fewlittle dollies and monsters on the sewing machine! Bec


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