Sunday, March 6, 2011

Attire Dilemma over???

There was another reason to head out yesterday afternoon...remember my wedding attire dilemma? Well with the wedding just one week away, I was still undecided if my plans were going to come off....A while ago I saw a shop mentioned over here and thought I would check it out one day....well that day was yesterday and too my lovely surprise there was another fantastic shop right next door.....
With half expecting to not have any luck I headed inside ...and look what I found....
My size perfectly...a little sleeve which was a must.....long (not a mini) which was another requirement for just to find my girdle the perfect under garment!!!
I couldn't resist this crocheted cardigan either...
...the boys waiting to give there once over and stamp of approval.

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  1. Awww well done you!! That's a beautiful find! Love the colour! What did the boys think of it, and ... you must post us a pic of your lovely self modelling it!


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