Monday, March 28, 2011


 The weekend was full of 
Busy Bees at church
Pedicures with Meg
Filling out high school applications for next year
Engagement party attending
Nana naps and a couple of church services thrown in as well

Today was all about recovery mode for the house and for me...a little parent help in Fraser's class, A lot of housework and dirty dishes to be attended to ...lunch with my sister and dad.. weekly food shopping . and now onto the finishing of my playgroup prep for tomorrow and some playdough making.

Unfortunately I couldn't squeeze any crafting in  which is what I would love to have been doing instead of housework, that a few hours later has all reappeared again.

I nearly forgot..I won two, yes TWO blog giveaways over the weekend. I will share when they arrive. WOOHOO
Is it really only Monday? Oh well here's to a good week hope yours is too.


  1. If does tend to get a bit hectic at times.
    Congrats on your wins, they couldn't have gone to a more deserving person.
    I love your yoyo embrodiery hoop art!!

  2. Housework always tends to creep in, doesn't it. But love your yoyo piece :) XOL


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