Sunday, March 13, 2011

Wedding Colour

This would have to have been one of the most colourful weddings we have been to....
1968 theme encouraged the hippie in most, the bride arriving in the Kombie....
So I felt that I was certainly colourful enough to mix it with the best.


  1. Bron you look gorgeous!

  2. I think it's lovely that Australia has far more variety and colour and less formality with weddings these days. You looked like you were all having fun!

  3. The Montage you have put together is such a good mix.The day looks full of vitality. Its so great to go to events that fill you up.I just checked out your other blog, what a great collectionWhen do you sleep? :-).
    It is really encouraging seeing other peoples creativity and what they they do.I particularly like the corduroy bag with the flowery pattern.It looked like it would be nice to wear.


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