Sunday, October 9, 2011

Something Cute {Blogtoberfest 9}

I wanted to show you a really cute idea that my Sister-in-Law popped in the guests "goodie bag" yesterday.....{I know, she was the guest of honor and she gave us gifts!}

 She made this really cute tiny paper pieced  apron......

and tucked in the pocket of the apron was a little parcel with a tag-

{Baby Bassett is brewing}
and a tea bag tucked inside that little envelope.

I love having such clever and creative sisters and sister in laws!

{not sure where the original idea came from sorry!}


  1. What a cute idea...must tuck that one away for future reference :)

  2. Hi..that is one of the cutest little ideas I've seen in a while! I hope you have a great week Bron.

  3. That is cool! Very nice to see some different ideas like this!

  4. That is so cute and creative, I'll bet it was appreciated greatly too!:)Sam

  5. Nice Blog ... found you on Blogtoberfest.


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