Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Creative Space {Blogtoberfet 27}

Because of being creative space has not really been active....

I did receive  a great injection of creative motivation in the form of visiting here.....

I was able to purchase the newest book {they were actually sold out in the store so purchased mine from Readings St Kilda}

Then a little further down Brunswick Street as we wandered...we stumbled across a little shop with a closing down sale.....OOOHHH

This store had a mixture of really cool funky items and tucked away on an obscure shelf amongst the homewares and cushions, was some goodies that my youngest sister and I knew we just must have.....
A roll of this most beautiful lace.......$10 for over 24 metres!!!!

A card full of this lovely white wide  cotton lace ....$10 for approx 24 metres !!!

and this fabulous nursery rhyme print fabric {quilting weight}
$20 for over 8 metres!!!!!

 We weren't aware of the quantities until we returned home, we only knew that there was enough of each to be a complete bargain....This stash was responsible for having to buy another bag for "carry on" to come home.

So I can't wait to get going and be creative....
Oh after I give my sister her half of the stash.

More creative spaces here.


  1. far out those were good buys! I'm particularly in love with that lace! :)

  2. So envious! Looks like a heck of a trip...and quite a haul of goodies!

  3. Ohh Im loving the lace as well! Such a bargain, and that fabric is too cute :-) Would look so cute cut out and appliquéd onto little singlets! Great buys!

  4. Wow bargains & a great book & a visit there to. What could be better!

  5. How adorable is that fabric? What bargains you got. I know you will make the best of them too. About my cherry bag..I haven't decided what I'm doing with it. It will probably end up with some Christmas goodies in it for someone else!


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