Thursday, October 6, 2011

My Creative Space {Blogtoberfest 6}

I signed up for this bunting swap.......
I have completed my end of the deal and they are off into the post......

Their destinations included...
Victoria and South Australia {Australia}

United Kingdom and Switzerland....

and lastly to New South Wales {Australia}
I have good word that this one has reached it's new owner already.

Just wish I had been daring enough to sign up for more because I had such fun making these.....
although I will be sad when these vintage sheets of mine come to an end.

More creative spaces here.


  1. delightful, stunning, sweet, wonderful, chic... loved them.

  2. Your birdies are very pretty! I'm also bunting swapping at the moment and very much enjoying seeing what everyone is coming up with. The exciting part is waiting to see what arrives in the mail for you! Good luck! x

  3. So cute - love those little birdies and the doilies. Hope I am on your list:) Cyndy

  4. Oh they are so pretty Bron :) I had a lot of fun making mine too.

  5. Oh wow, pity I missed this swap! They look really cool & a bunting swap sounds like such fun! Love yours. Well done!

  6. I love your bunts, so pretty with the doilies and little birdies! It's been a fun swap :)Sam


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