Saturday, October 15, 2011

Treasures {Blogtoberfest 15}

Our two kidlets stayed with their grandparents the last two days  so that I could attend a work conference and hubby could work.

That was just a great excuse to encourage the relationship that my kids have with their grandparents.....time to hang out, time to talk, time to hear stories , time to be disciplined or not !
I love to hear their tales when they return.....
tonight Fraser was very keen to show me a bag full of smelly things.....
what was inside was the most incredible collection of sea sponges, coral and shells I have seen for ages.

We laid them all out and he came up with the plan to make a beach picture...only problem with that was he didn't bring home the beach sand to lay the foundation.....
Lucky for us we are headed for a 35 degree Spring day tomorrow so a dash to the beach may be on the cards for sand collection.


  1. What a great collection...we never find anything that cool at the beach.


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