Monday, October 24, 2011

Sisters {Blogtoberfest 24 }

This photo was taken back in May when my dad turned 70 and we all gathered for a long  weekend away. My youngest sister and her family travelled from Tasmania to be with us and we had a fabulous time as a family.

Well this weekend I am  away with both of my beautiful sisters celebrate the birthday of the 
" middle child" of us.
Thanks to our wonderful and capable husbands we have left them in charge of 10 children between them,  took a plane and have been hanging out, exploring a city elsewhere.

So will be home soon...{yes kids, with goodies for all!}
Happy Birthday Sis we all love ya!


  1. I bet you have had the best weekend too :)
    I can't wait to spend some quality time with my sisters.


  2. How lovely, and how clever of the men folk to look after the kids! I'm sure you are having a wonderful weekend!


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