Monday, October 17, 2011

To Do List {Blogtoberfest 17}

Today was the last day of school holidays.....
So a list was in order to check off.......
  • Hair cut for the boy
  • Restocking the food pantry with real food suitable for school lunches
  • Last week day coffee shop outing for 9 weeks
  • A shopping trip with Miss 12 for some essential girl things and some non essential girl things
  • Maybe a new movie purchased in their for her brother.
  • Preparations for playgroup which returns tomorrow.
  • Dinner preparations for this meal.
  • Continual loads of washing.
  • A promised fishing trip with dad made good..........

  • Two fish returned home to prepare for a snack after dinner cause mum didn't have any faith and prepared  dinner .
  •  Floors mopped for the first time in a couple of weeks.
  • Finally an attempt to have on time exits to bed in preparation for school tomorrow.

So many things that I should have accomplished over the holidays but didn't many things that came around unexpectedly that we did do......

Now we are on the run to Christmas which is an unmentionable amount of time away.

Which will mean the end of primary school for Miss 12 ...but that's for another day!

Happy week ahead to you! 

1 comment:

  1. Bron I have a list a mile long too :)
    You managed to get quite a bit done yesterday...good on you.


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