Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ms Tippy Toppy {Blogtoberfest 19}

Excerpt from Fraser's Year 1 reader for tonight!


My husband did return home from work this afternoon only to find me laying on the couch "slightly" resting my eyes!
The kids were watching TV ....I was just resting.....

I don't have any real excuse other than I feel weary and tired I feel I could quiet easily have had a full Nana nap......
How bad is that? Especially as my husband has ridden his bike 20km to work and then the 20km's home again!

Hmmmm some days I just get the Ms Tippy Toppy thing!


  1. Well Mrs Tippy Toppy and occasional rest is ok you know. I do like your very organised button collection too. Have a good day tomorrow!

  2. The Miss Tippy Toppy in me rears her head occasionally too :)

  3. I know that feeling!
    And clearly your body (like mine) is telling you that you need to slow down a bit and take some rest!

  4. It's every mothers well earned right to have a little 'Ms Tippy Toppy rest' now and then.


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