Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tempting snacks

Do you ever find yourself standing at the pantry/larder and getting a little lot annoyed at the person who bought all the tempting and not so good for your health, foods into the house?.......

Only to realise that in fact that person was yourself!!!
Home for lunch today by myself and I will let you know that only a tiny piece of chocolate was consumed in the preparation of my semi - healthy lunch.


  1. Try working in a choscillate shop!

  2. Looks like it was the fruit and nut variety, therefore no problem as you were just making sure you got your 5 plus a day fruit/veges. The coconut coating on lamingtons also helps towards this goal too I believe.

  3. Loved reading your profile especially the line that says "one perfect for me husband." How do those sweet treats work their way into our grocery carts?
    Your newest follower and fellow blogger, Connie


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